Frequently Asked Questions

What are the tuition fees?

Tuitions fees are $1,300.00 per month for a full time program, due each 1st of the month. We also ask a participation of $250.00 for material costs once a year.

In order for your space to be reserved, a $300.00 fee is collected (Registration Fee and Material Fee).  This will guarantee your space in our program.  Monthly Payments are due on the 1st. and 15th. of each month.  We charge for all absences, holidays, and sickness days.

You may qualify for Free child care if you are on cash aid (welfare) at the present time, or have been at any time in the past 24 months.

Is Little Stars a Dual Language School?

Yes! Our teachers are all bilingual in English and in Spanish. Learn more about our vision under the Who we are - Dual Language School Section.

What does my child have to bring in his backpack?

Bring a set of change clothes, 2 blankets for nap time; diapers and wipes if needed, a lunch. No open shoes are allowed for safety requirements.

What about potty train?

At Little Stars, we accept children with diapers. We work hands in hands with the parents to help the child being diaper free.

What is the daily schedule?

Our school is open from 8am until 5pm. 

Do you offer a part time program?

We do offer full or part time programs. Our part time program consists of 2 or 3 days a week.

How do check-ins and check-outs work?

We use an easy application (available on iOS or Android) called Brightwheel. With it, you are able to scan a QR code and safely check in or check out your child with a personal PIN code. Brightwheel also allows you to see pictures of your child at school a few times a day or to keep in touch with the team members.

Do I have to prepare a lunch for my child?

Normally, Rosa is preparing 3 homemade style meals per day : breakfast, lunch and snack. We offer everyday healthy meals with meat, veggies and starches.

Unfortunately, because of Covid-19, we ask the parents to bring a lunch for their child until Rosa comes back.

How do you train your teachers?

We know our teachers for a long time and we are like a big family. Like the directors Mr Louie and Mrs Darlene, they earned a teaching degree. A few times a year, we also organize trainings for the team. Let's meet our crew under the Who we are section.

What is the ratio teacher-students?

We are currently working on a 5:1 ration which is a really good ratio either for the children and the teachers.

What about Covid-19 and safety measures?

You can find all the safety measures we are taking under the Covid-19 section. We safely reopened our school on May 26 2020 with extra measures to keep everyone safe. For example : we disinfect all the toys everyday, we added wall hand sanitizers in the corridor and in the classrooms, we ask the parents to wear a mask and to drop off and to pick up their children at the gate; we check parents and children temperature each morning. We also ask the parents to pay attention to symptoms and not to bring their child if they are sick. 

Do my child have to wear a mask?

At Little Star, we want to keep the environment as safe as possible. But children are children, and they need interactions, affection and having a life as normal as it could be during this time. So, no, children don't wear masks neither at school nor on the parking. 

Does the children nap at school?

Yes, we encourage children to have a quiet time. Younger will sleep while older will read a book or quietly play on their bed.

Do you offer extra school activities?

Normally, we organize visits to different museums, but also funny activities inside the school like petting zoo, etc,

How do I enroll my child?

We would be more than happy to welcome you for a tour. You can call Mr. Louie at 323-732-2224 or just send us an email at

In order to enroll, please complete the following forms:

  • Application for enrollment

  • Physician's Report - Child care centers

  • Identification and Emergency information

  • Parents Rights

  • Personal Rights

  • Consent for Emergency treatments

  • Child Pre-admission Health History

  • Parents - Child Care Center agreement