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I am a teacher myself, and I noticed the rich learning environment even during my tour.  Every indoor space is thoughtfully arranged and ready for children to engage in a variety experiences. As a parent, I appreciated the community they created.  Ms. Darlene and Mr. Louie provided opportunities for the parents to get involved in and out of the classroom


 If your looking for great child care please don't pass up this school. This school has taught my daughter so much and her cognitive skills are through the roof. All of the teacher's here are welcoming and friendly. The teachers are very patient and persistent with the children. The teacher's worked with my husband and I to potty train my daughter.


Both my children have attended Little Stars for over a year now. We couldn't have picked a better place for them to be at. Mr. Louie and all the teachers are amazing to say the least. They care so much and are so invested in each child doing well. I love that they are being exposed to another language so early on. It's such an invaluable gift. They also focus on new concepts and letters weekly but they make it fun by doing art projects or hands on activities.

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