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Our Vision and Our Philosophy

Our Vision 

It is the mission of Little Stars Preschool to nurture and encourage children to become lifelong learners. We focus on process learning which allows children to exercise their creative imagination through collaboration, perspective-taking, and negotiation. We value the children’s creativity and want to allow space for the process of creativity itself.  We are committed to creating a safe and nurturing environment that allows all children to grow, develop, and flourish. 

Our Philosophy 

At Little Stars Preschool, we recognize that each child is unique. It is our commitment to encourage child development by acknowledging the whole child’s: physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and creative development; as well as each individual learning style. 

We value community and honor parents as the most important adults and first teacher in a child’s life. Our educational team strive to work collaboratively with families, in supporting children’s learning by providing a warm, safe, and diverse environment, that allows children and families to thrive. It is our pledge to operate based on a non-discriminatory basis, giving equal treatment and access to service without regard to race, religion, or national background. We believe and support each child in taking an active role in their learning through exploration, inquiry, and discovery of their environment. 

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